Diligencia has announced that access to its new State-Owned Enterprises dataset is now available on ClarifiedBy.com, their flagship online platform.


The new data offers an additional level of insight for compliance professionals when used as part of their customer and supplier due diligence processes. ClarifiedBy.com users can identify whether an organisation is directly or indirectly state-owned by one or more governments in the Middle East & Africa and then explore the ownership structure in more detail.


Diligencia’s Commercial Director Patrick Lord commented “Having the ability to identify and unwrap the ownership structure of your third parties is critical to mitigate risk and meet ever-stricter regulatory requirements.


The number of state-owned organisations has grown significantly in the last decade and it is now estimated that the value of assets held by SOEs globally is over US $45 trillion1. This vast growth, especially in the region we cover, means it is more and more likely that our clients are doing business with organisations that are fully or partly state-owned and that is why we have developed this new dataset.”


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Diligencia is the most sought-after service provider of company information in the Middle East and Africa. Established in 2008, we use advanced technology and human insight to extract unstructured data on companies in territories where public domain information is not readily available. From our headquarters in Oxford, UK and offices in Tangier, Morocco and Dubai, UAE we provide the information our clients need to develop the right relationships or opportunities, mitigate risk, comply with regulations and accelerate their decision-making. The proprietary company information provider compiles corporate profiles from official and original source material in the local language of registration—data critical to compliance teams, business intelligence professionals and credit agencies to support more informed decisions. Visit www.diligenciagroup.com for more information.



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Source: Diligencia


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