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Resolutions for 2022: Keep good company
26. January 2022
While I generally try to avoid making ill-fated predictions and resolutions at this time of year, there are times when a passing comment or suggestion seems to put a new complexion on, and even set the tone for, the 12 months that lie ahead.

How entity data can help you meet regulatory requirements: why it matters and where to start
Economy · 22. December 2021
Uncovering entity data is a basic component of due diligence, but how does this data enable businesses ensure that they are meeting regulatory requirements?

The expansion of renewables in North Africa
Economy · 06. December 2021
North Africa has an abundance of renewable energy resources, with some of the highest potentials in the world for solar energy deployment.

The clean energy landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa
Economy · 26. November 2021
With global attention focusing on climate change and the clean energy transition, Africa is an important continent to watch in the drive for decarbonisation alongside rapid economic development.

Degrees of dysfunction – Free zones in the Middle East & Africa
Economy · 15. November 2021
There are hundreds of free zones in the Middle East and Africa. While many set and maintain high standards of governance, various regional factors can undermine initiatives to improve compliance. Diligencia’s Jonathan Siklos examines some of the challenges associated with free zones and the steps businesses can take to minimise risk when exposed to them.

Climate initiatives in the Gulf: the changing energy landscape in the run up to COP26
Economy · 08. November 2021
After years of muted progress, the Gulf states are now ramping up their efforts to address climate change with major new targets and initiatives recently announced. In our latest blog, we examine these new targets and initiatives and the organisations paving the way in promoting clean energy.

Diligencia to focus on clean energy in the Middle East & Africa
Economy · 02. November 2021
In the run-up to COP26, and with the issue of climate change rarely out of the headlines, Diligencia has been reviewing major initiatives across the Middle East & Africa to drive clean energy production. Over the next few weeks, we will publish our findings in a series of blogs and white papers and examine the organisations that are leading the way.

Contractor profiles: Leading Saudi firms involved in the Kingdom's giga-projects
Economy · 20. August 2021
Despite a stated wish to see more participation from international companies and a tendency to favour the younger generation, Crown Prince MbS has entrusted the majority of giga-project contracts to Saudi companies that are decades old, mainly in private hands and often held by generations of the same family.

Saudi Arabia pushes on with giga-projects supported by web of local contractors
Economy · 18. August 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has put huge pressure on government finances in Saudi Arabia, but the Kingdom has nonetheless pressed on with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s favoured giga-projects. Research by Gulf States Newsletter, supported by data provided by Diligencia, shows the bulk of contracts have gone to some of the Kingdom’s most long-established companies.

Wirecard and the dangers of weaponising corporate intelligence
Economy · 07. July 2021
The ongoing story of the Wirecard fraud scandal has raised questions around why so many people maintained a collective belief in the German company’s success story for so long.

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