FEBIS, PSI Alliance and GFII joint paper on Public Sector Information and High Value Datasets

The PSI and Open Data review directive which has been adopted last year is opening the possibilities to access and reuse data held by public sector, which is a great improvement in data access. Article 13 of the Directive mandates the EU to put in place High Value Datasets which should be available as open data and free of charge in the Internal Market, and one of categories identified as High Value Dataset is company and company ownership information.


The European Commission is currently working on the Implementing Act which will translate more concretely what items will be available as High Value Datasets in the EU, and it has commissioned a study run by Deloitte to help drafting this implementing act.


Febis Regulatory Committee has worked a lot of this issue over the past months, by taking an active part in the Online Focus Group of Reusers of Public Data which is helping the consultants assessing, which type of data should be made available as High Value Datasets and what costs/benefits analysis can be made.


In a joint and coordinated approach, FEBIS, PSI Alliance and GFII have co-signed a joint paper outlining the need to adopt a broad scope on business information, which should be made available at large in order to ensure better transparency and company accountability.


The paper, which is available as a PDF below, has already been communicated to the European Commission and the consultants and already received positive feedback with a welcome for additional in-depth information.    

Reusers comments on HVDs_Companies and c
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