VietnamCredit releases Annual Country Report 2020



Vietnam Country Report 2020 is an annual report published by VietnamCredit, a leading business information provider and credit rating agency in Vietnam. In a fast-changing and uncertain global business environment, VietnamCredits illustrated Vietnam Country Report 2020 will help you to stay on top of developments and give you a keen understanding of this emergent and highly attractive market and its huge growth and investment potential.


Vietnam Country Report 2020 is designed to hold all the information and data that you need to make informed decisions about the Vietnamese economy, ensuring your key decisions are the made in line with your industry best practice.


An insightful view into Vietnam by PEST analysis method


Vietnam Country Report 2020 is a comprehensive guide, using statistics and forecasts on Vietnam's current economic, political, social and technological situation to clearly describe and analyse potential investment and business opportunities.


The report is formed under the PEST analysis method, focusing on four major fields of the macroeconomy: Politics, Economics, Society and Technology, in order to provide an insightful view into Vietnams economy over the years and at the same time to forecast future economic trends. The report includes all the latest updates on applicable laws and regulatory frameworks, helping you to develop and deliver your projects in full compliance with local legislation.


An overview on Vietnam’s politics, economics, society and technology


Politics - this section of the report analyses areas of business and investment that may be particularly impacted by tax and employment laws and focuses on governmental policy, changes in legislation and the general political climate. It describes how legislative changes may affect the local economy and/or specific industries and delves into how political relationships might influence decision-making.


Economics - here the report highlights key factors including interest and exchange rates, global economics, economic growth, GDP, the availability of credit, supply and demand, inflation, unemployment and recession.


Society - what are the impacts of demographics and age distribution, consumer needs and wants, cultural attitudes, workplace or lifestyle trends?


Technology - a close look at a burgeoning sector includes an innovation index, analysis of government spending on research and development, sector trends, technological advances and a look at foreign relationships within science and technology.


In addition to the PEST analysis, there is a comprehensive appendix of industries that have room for investment including vehicle manufacture and trading, retail banking, business processing outsourcing (BPO), real estate and tourism.


Vietnam Country Report 2020  is good for decision making process


Included in the report are 90 graphs, tables and infographics together with analysis, comment and a synthesis of expert opinions. Vietnam Country Report 2020 anticipates future potential by highlighting emergent trends and provides clear, concise analysis using at-a-glance infographics to give a comprehensive summary of key statistics and their impact on market development.


With a clear and focused design, a vast amount of information and data points are presented via charts, tables, infographics and flow diagrams. Use VietnamCredit’s Vietnam country Report 2020 if you require authoritative, informative and well-researched data that is clearly indexed and presented so that you can both access information quickly and have full confidence in your sources.


The information in Vietnam Country Report 2020 is extracted from reputable data sources such as General Statistics Office (GSO), General Department of Vietnam Customs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Science & Technology, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB), etc.


Vietnam Credit makes acute data provided work for you


Vietnam Country Report 2020 offers thoroughly researched and reputable insights to help businesses, investors and financial analysts to better anticipate market developments in the ASEAN region during this volatile time.


Not just for investors or those in business, Vietnam Country Report 2020 offers a holistic scrutiny of the country: with this report, VietnamCredit wishes to support policy makers, researchers and large corporations in the decision-making process when doing business in Vietnam.


Whatever your interest in Vietnam, VietnamCredit’s Vietnam Country Report 2020 offers you a thorough overview: Vietnam’s economy, current political situation, society as a whole and the impact of technology on this dynamic nation. It offers an acute overview containing everything you need to make informed decisions and make the data provided work for you.



FYI: VietnamCredit is a leading business information provider in Vietnam. Its products include Company report, Industry Report and Country Reports. Should you are interested in any of the products, pls contact sales@vietnamcredit.com.vn and/or visit our website located at: https:www.vietnamcredit.com.vn for further information. 

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