Aimed at staff of the international departments (and all interested), these sessions intend to expand knowledge and awareness about the availability of business data in each country.


This project has been launched for the benefit of all members and the more countries contribute to it the better, we therefore welcome you to join this initiative with insight about your country data.


Attendees will receive the Country Fact Sheet by email after each session.


 Session 32  January 11th, 2022   4pm CET  Slovenia  Completed
 Session 33  January 19th, 2022  11am CET  Indonesia  Completed
 Session 34  January 27th, 2022   4pm CET  Serbia  Register here
 Session 35  February 1st, 2022   4pm CET  Bosnia  Register here
 Session 36  February 9th, 2022  11am CET  UAE & GCC Region  Register here
 Session 37  February 17th, 2022   4pm CET  Mali  Register here
 Session 38  February 22nd, 2022   4pm CET  Romania  Register here
 Session 39  March 2nd, 2022   4pm CET  Switzerland  Register here
 Session 40  March 10th, 2022   4pm CET  The Netherlands  Register here
 Session 41  March 15th, 2022   4pm CET  Kenya  Register here
 Session 42  March 23rd, 2022  11am CET  Vietnam  Register here
 Session 43  March 31st, 2022  4pm CET  Luxembourg  Register here
Session 44  April 5th, 2022  11am CET  China  Register here