General Assembly 2021

47th General Assembly

September 23rd, 2021, 2:30 pm CET 

Virtual – Webex






1. Welcome and report by the president


2. Secretarial remarks


3. Minutes of the Virtual General Assembly 2020


4. Report of the General Manager


5. Report of the Treasurer


6. Report of the Auditors


7. Discharge

a)  of the Treasurer

b)  of the Board

c)  of the Secretariat


8. New Code of Conduct as per enclosure

a) debate

b) vote for approval of the Code of Conduct


9. Elections

a)   Board

b)   Auditors


10. Budget 2022

a)   Budget presented by the Treasurer

b)   Approval of the budget 2022


11. Members’ Affairs


12. Calendar 2022


13. Any other business