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Resilience - This is going to be the hot word this 2021
Economy · 05. February 2021
We were all waiting for the start of the new year in the hope that many of the problems of 2020 would be left behind by the mere change of year which, of course, has not happened. I would like to bring, once again, an example of a sports organization that has shown resilience in its first, really interesting, sense from the point of view of team/organisation management.

FEBIS · 27. May 2020
On 27 May 2020 , to kick-start the European recovery, protect lives, livelihoods and jobs, the European Commission proposed a major €2,4 trillion recovery plan which is based on using the full potential of a powerful, modern and revamped EU budget to deliver a more sustainable, digital, inclusive and fair Europe. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “Europe’s next generation will reap the benefits of tomorrow. These investments will not only preserve the outstanding...