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The expansion of renewables in North Africa
Economy · 06. December 2021
North Africa has an abundance of renewable energy resources, with some of the highest potentials in the world for solar energy deployment.

Climate initiatives in the Gulf: the changing energy landscape in the run up to COP26
Economy · 08. November 2021
After years of muted progress, the Gulf states are now ramping up their efforts to address climate change with major new targets and initiatives recently announced. In our latest blog, we examine these new targets and initiatives and the organisations paving the way in promoting clean energy.

Accelerating renewable energy growth in Ghana
Economy · 04. March 2021
Ghana has committed to generating 10% of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. In a recent blog, Diligencia’s Emmanuel Igbinoba looks at how the country is accelerating the expansion of electricity supply and some of the companies that are leading the way with green initiatives.