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Overview of Vietnam’s B2B e-commerce market
Economy · 03. May 2022
The Covid-19 pandemic has helped propel the omnichannel commerce industry which focuses on providing a seamless experience for customers, whether they're shopping online from a mobile device, computer or at a traditional store.

Major trends in Vietnam’s e-commerce market in 2022
Economy · 03. March 2022
Changes in consumer behavior and shopping needs as well as the trend of personalizing the buying experience promise to push the Vietnamese e-commerce market to a new height.

Opportunities in the e-commerce market of Vietnam
Economy · 29. November 2021
The percentage of internet users who make online shopping in Vietnam is 71%, which is higher than the Philippines (68%). Of the 8 million new entrants to the digital economy, nearly 100% said they would continue to shop online in the future.