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CRIF Study: Corporate insolvencies in Germany fall to lowest level since introduction of new insolvency regulations in 1999
Insolvencies · 30. March 2022
The number of corporate insolvencies in Germany fell again in 2021. A total of 13,991 companies filed for insolvency last year. Corporate insolvencies thus decreased by 11.8 percent compared with the same period of the previous year (2020: 15,865 corporate insolvencies).

Economy · 25. May 2020
After 10 years of decline in corporate insolvencies, the corona crisis will cause significantly more companies in Germany to slide into bankruptcy again in 2020, according to projections by the information service provider CRIFBÜRGEL. Last year, a total of 19,005 companies applied for bankruptcy; the number of insolvencies had therefore fallen for the tenth time in a row in 2019. "For the current year, however, we expect a significant increase at CRIFBÜRGEL. Assuming that the effects of the...