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Is the middle class running out of steam?
Market Monitor · 25. October 2023
Constricted by bureaucracy, unsettled by the economy and paralyzed by rising costs - Creditreform's current analysis of the economic situation and financing in medium-sized businesses shows very clearly: Companies in Germany are looking bleakly into the near future. They spend a lot of time and energy trying to cope with the general conditions instead of investing resources in further development. How long can this last?

Economy · 18. May 2020
It is fair to say with confidence that the quarantine and self-isolation regimes associated with the current pandemic have affected the world economy in the most negative way. Leaders of states limited economic activity by promising to provide support to affected entrepreneurs and individuals. The Government and the Central Bank of Russia have been instructed to develop measures that will help businesses and citizens to overcome the consequences of a forced shutdown. The shock from stopping...
Economy · 05. April 2020
As part of the credit ecosystem, credit reference agencies are committed to supporting individuals and SMEs. The European economy is being hit hard by the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The public health emergency that has been called across many European countries is posing temporary difficulties for people and businesses to keep up with their loan repayments or with their utility bills (phone, electricity, water, etc.). National governments and EU bodies are taking measures[1] to...