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Challenges in Business information markets in Asia and Europe
Economy · 17. June 2024
Why Technology, Alternative Data and Open Finance are powering the Business Information (BI) market in Asia while Europe is lagging.

FEBIS · 11. September 2020
FEBIS thanks the Commission for having been included in the Online Focus Group on company and company ownership information organised by Deloitte in the preparatory study , for which we have already provided contributions and took part in all focus groups and workshops. We would like to take the opportunity to stress again crucial aspects that need to be highlighted with regards to the Impact Assessment on the Implementing Act on a list of High-Value Datasets regarding company and company...

Country report · 25. April 2020
How accessible is official company register data in the US? Executive summary ● The US is the most important and vibrant market in the world – powered by the activity of millions of companies. Yet the fundamental data about these companies – what companies exist, when they were incorporated, who is connected with them – is very hard to access as data, despite it being public information, collected by the States. ● In today's data-driven world, this dataset is fundamental to almost...