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Degrees of dysfunction – Free zones in the Middle East & Africa
Economy · 15. November 2021
There are hundreds of free zones in the Middle East and Africa. While many set and maintain high standards of governance, various regional factors can undermine initiatives to improve compliance. Diligencia’s Jonathan Siklos examines some of the challenges associated with free zones and the steps businesses can take to minimise risk when exposed to them.

Diligencia to focus on clean energy in the Middle East & Africa
Economy · 02. November 2021
In the run-up to COP26, and with the issue of climate change rarely out of the headlines, Diligencia has been reviewing major initiatives across the Middle East & Africa to drive clean energy production. Over the next few weeks, we will publish our findings in a series of blogs and white papers and examine the organisations that are leading the way.

The Jab Market – Covid vaccines and the private sector in the MEA region
Economy · 16. June 2021
During the Covid pandemic many countries have seen private sector organisations lending their support to address the crisis. From alcohol companies switching to make hand sanitiser, to manufacturing companies re-tooling production lines for...

Iran: What next?
Economy · 06. March 2021
The Biden administration’s Iran policy and whether the US will return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is being seen as a key part of its foreign policy agenda for the Middle East region…

The Qatar reconciliation and what it tells us about 2021
Members News · 18. January 2021
In the Middle East region, the first full week of 2021 has delivered a long-awaited reconciliation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia1, which culminated in the lifting of a regional travel and trade embargo as well as a visit by emir Sheikh Tamim to Riyadh last week.

Members News · 09. December 2020
Diligencia, a specialist information provider focused on company data within the Middle East and Africa, has won the Most Innovative Data Provider at the prestigious…