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Data Protection: European Commission adopts new adequacy decision for safe and trusted EU-US data flows
EU Newsletter · 11. July 2023
After the ECJ invalidated the former EU-US Privacy Shield, businesses who operate cross- border have been waiting to get another EU-US Adequacy decision which will enable a sound legal basis for cross- Atlantic data flows.

UK revised data protection draft bill – more alignment with GDPR?
FEBIS · 21. March 2023
The U.K. released its draft data protection reform of its General Data Protection Regulation on March 8, 2023. The Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill has therefore been introduced to Parliament.

SCHUFA comments on ECJ proceedings
Members News · 21. March 2023
On 16 March, the Advocate General read out his opinion before the European Court of Justice in the context of two proceedings concerning SCHUFA.

Austrian Data Protection Authority rules that the use of Google Analytics is in breach of GDPR
EU Newsletter · 07. February 2022
In what can constitute a landmark decision on January 13th 2022, the Austrian Data Protection Authority ruled that the use of Google Analytics violates the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)
FEBIS · 07. October 2021
On November 1st, 2021, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, known as PIPL comes into force.

European Data Protection Supervisor comments on credit scoring and the revision of the Consumer Credit Directive
EU Newsletter · 03. September 2021
On 26 August, the EDPS published his Opinion on the European Commission’s proposed Directive on consumer credits.

EP proposed LIBE Compromise Amendments clarify the articulation between the DGA and the GDPR
EU Newsletter · 29. June 2021
They stress that GDPR will prevail and the DGA does not create a new legal basis for processing of personal data, also adding that national Data Protection Authorities remain key to handle any data protection issue.

UK to receive adequacy decision from the EU on data protection
EU Newsletter · 19. February 2021
The EU Commission plans to deem the U.K. an "adequate" third country, meaning data can continue to flow across borders despite its exit from the EU. The decision will allow for the continued transfer of data between the EU and U.K

Council agrees its position on ePrivacy rules
EU Newsletter · 15. February 2021
On February 10th, 2021, member states agreed on a negotiating mandate for the Council on the e-privacy regulation. These updated ‘ePrivacy’ rules will define cases in which service providers are allowed to process electronic communications data or have access to data stored on end-users’ devices.

EU Newsletter · 13. November 2020
The European Data Protection Board welcomes comments on the Recommendations 01/2020 on measures that supplement transfer tools to ensure compliance with the EU level of protection of personal data.

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