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Worldbox Country Spotlight: Colombia
Economy · 24. July 2024
Colombia's economy is highly dependent on exports of commodities. Fuels and extractive industries products 56 percent of total shipments.

How electronic invoicing helps reduce late payments in commercial transactions
Economy · 18. July 2024
Paper-based invoices are losing ground to electronic invoices. The switch to eInvoices is bringing about significant changes for the seller and buyer alike.

AI Act published
EU Newsletter · 12. July 2024
Today, Regulation (EU) 2024/1689 laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (AI Act) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Country and Sector Risks Barometer June 2024 - Turbulence ahead?
Economy · 11. July 2024
In Q1 2024, the global economy improves slightly from previous years marked by pandemic, Russia-Ukraine conflict, and US banking crisis. However, US activity slows down, with emerging countries driving growth.

Infrastructure boom is driving development in Saudi Arabia
Economy · 09. July 2024
We look at the astonishing developments which are transforming Saudi Arabia as they announce a trillion-dollar pipeline of infrastructure projects, including giga-project tourism destinations, upgrading transport networks and becoming an international logistics hub, in support of its national transformation plan, Vision 2030.

Country Insights: Hong Kong (by RUBIX)
Country report · 08. July 2024
After a moderate improvement in 2023, Hong Kong’s economy is expected to slow down on the back of cyclic and structural factors and global economic imbalances.

Payment Study 2024
Economy · 03. July 2024
The Payment Study, published with data up to 31 December 2023 is aimed at outlining the international picture of payment practices, with particular focus to the scenario due to the actual geopolitical crisis.

Infocredit Group Honored with “Best Customer Focus” Award at Risk Ready 2024- EMEA Partner Summit
Members News · 02. July 2024
Infocredit Group is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the “Best Customer Focus” from LexisNexis Risk Solutions at the prestigious Risk Ready 2024- EMEA Partner Summit.

Europe Headed to the Polls, now what? Insights from the EU Elections
EU Newsletter · 28. June 2024
The recent European Elections, compared to the previous cycle, have seen a slight shift to the right within the European Parliament

How to control the risk of worldwide business partners in an economic crisis scenario
Economy · 25. June 2024
The current economic scenario is particularly under pressure mainly due to several conflicts that they’re now at the regional level but with a real risk of worldwide escalation.

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