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Trilogue on Artificial Intelligence Act
EU Newsletter · 07. December 2023
On 6 December, the last round of interinstitutional negotiations on the proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence (AI Act) took place. However, due to the differences between the European Parliament and, the provisional political agreement was not reached.

China’s economic problems create challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Economy · 06. December 2023
The economic rise of China over the past four decades has influenced every corner of the globe. Today, China faces severe challenges that threaten a prolonged slowdown and could disrupt political stability within the country.

Data Act: Council adopts new law on fair access to and use of data
EU Newsletter · 28. November 2023
Yesterday, the Council of the EU ratified the agreement in trialogue on the proposal for a regulation on harmonised rules on access to and fair use of data (Data Act).

EU’s AI Act negotiations hit the brakes over foundation models
EU Newsletter · 22. November 2023
A technical meeting on the EU’s AI regulation broke down on Friday (10 November) after large EU countries asked to retract the proposed approach for foundation models. Unless the deadlock is broken in the coming days, the whole legislation is at risk.

Canada passes law to create public beneficial ownership register
Economy · 21. November 2023
Beneficial ownership information is used across jurisdictions to investigate corruption and the flow of money.

Debtor Atlas Germany 2023 – Return of over-indebtedness
Economy · 15. November 2023
5.65 million citizens over-indebted / “hidden increase” in over-indebtedness / over-indebtedness ratio of 8.15 percent / trend reversal due to persistent inflation and high interest rates / recession as a driver of over-indebtedness

Cybersecurity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: The Digital Defense Revolution
FEBIS · 08. November 2023
In an increasingly interconnected world, cybersecurity has become a critical concern. Digital threats are constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

G7 Agreement on guiding principles on AI
EU Newsletter · 02. November 2023
On 30 October, the European Commission said it welcomed the agreement reached by the G7 leaders on the Guiding Principles on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Voluntary Code of Conduct for AI Developers under the Hiroshima AI process.

FEBIS at ICCR Fall Plenary Meeting 2023
FEBIS · 31. October 2023
The World Bank’s permanent committee ICCR (International Committee on Credit reporting) held last week its “Fall Plenary Meeting 2023”. The committee discussed the status and developments in the credit reporting industry as well as future trends and innovations to improve the current reporting systems.

Changes to UK company law
Economy · 27. October 2023
In one of the most significant moments in our history, the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has become law.

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