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China’s economic problems create challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia
Economy · 06. December 2023
The economic rise of China over the past four decades has influenced every corner of the globe. Today, China faces severe challenges that threaten a prolonged slowdown and could disrupt political stability within the country.

Energy transition will reduce emerging countries' country risk
Economy · 08. June 2023
Energy self-sufficiency will improve the emerging countries' energy balances but will not solve their current account deficits and external debt problems without other structural reforms.

Malta Country Analysis Report
Country report · 27. April 2023
Malta is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. The country is known for its rich history, beautiful beaches, and historic architecture. As a member of the European Union, Malta enjoys access to the world's largest single market.

Gender parity is essential for economic recovery: These five investments will quicken the pace
Economy · 08. March 2023
Progress towards gender parity has seen major setbacks in recent years and the risk of further regression is intensifying.

The EU Business Landscape - A statistical Analysis (November 2022)
Economy · 22. November 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic, along with the high inflation rate and the steady increases in interest rates, puts the EU at risk of slipping into its worst recession in history.

Autumn 2022 Economic Forecast: The EU economy at a turning point
Economy · 11. November 2022
After a strong first half of the year, the EU economy has now entered a much more challenging phase. The shocks unleashed by Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine are denting global demand and reinforcing global inflationary pressures.

Economy · 01. February 2019
Romania has shown solid growth in recent years, driven mainly by the growing domestic demand. In 2017, GDP increased by almost 7%, mainly due to the strong growth of private consumption, the increase in wages and the decrease in unemployment.
Economy · 10. December 2018
According to the latest Economic Outlook released by Atradius - Credito y Caucion, the risks that threaten the robustness of growth and global trade in 2018 have grown since the report released this past spring...