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Industry is optimistic about the prospects of growth in the Indian rural economy
Economy · 19. January 2022
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with CRIF High Mark launched its Rural Business Confidence (RBC) Index, the first of its kind.

Forecasts for Vietnam’s economy post-pandemic
Economy · 13. January 2022
A major change that may occur in Vietnam’s economy after the pandemic is under control is the emergence of an ecosystem that combines different industries, thereby creating new, game-changing companies.

Worldbox Business Intelligence - SINGAPORE - Country Risk Rating
Country report · 11. January 2022
Singapore remains one of the most stable countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

CRIF acquires the majority of shares in HPI (Hire Purchase Information) in Ireland
Members News · 10. January 2022
CRIF, a global company specialising in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and advanced solutions for credit and open banking, has today announced the acquisition of 73% of the shares in HPI, a leading service provider based in Dublin.

Members News · 24. December 2021
The acquisition will strengthen CRIF’s leading position in the field of business and credit information and risk management solutions in the region.

How entity data can help you meet regulatory requirements: why it matters and where to start
Economy · 22. December 2021
Uncovering entity data is a basic component of due diligence, but how does this data enable businesses ensure that they are meeting regulatory requirements?

Iberinform’s Big Data Solution for Foreign Trade
Members News · 20. December 2021
Iberinform rolls out a next big data tool that allows users to know the detailed pricing of import and export operations

WORLDBOX DATA NEWS: October and November 2021
Members News · 17. December 2021
The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the new data deliveries we have added in the last 2 months and what we are adding in December:

Digital Finance: EU Commission strategy paves the way for modern and streamlined supervisory data reporting
EU Newsletter · 16. December 2021
This strategy will contribute directly to the objectives of the European Data Strategy and the Digital Finance package to promote digital innovation in Europe

Informa D&B acquires 50 % of Artificial Intelligence company DAIL Software
Members News · 15. December 2021
This purchase is part of the company's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, which aims to modernise its range of products and services, making available to its users the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies for the processing of information and the automation of decision-making.

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