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Iberinform launches Online Whistleblower Channel in  partnership with technology company PEPData
Members News · 16. September 2022
Iberinform, in partnership with PEPData, launches an online Whistleblower Channel that allows companies and other obligated organizations to comply with anti-corruption legislation and protection against money laundering and terrorist financing, in an anonymously and securely way.

Vietnam is the most dynamic EdTech market in Asia
Economy · 29. August 2022
During the peak of the epidemic, most schools and educational institutions had to close, causing online learning to explode.

Inflation expectations yet to decouple from ECB target
Economy · 23. August 2022
Despite rising inflation in the eurozone, we argue it has not yet sprung loose from the ECB target in the medium term

Members News · 22. August 2022
Sustainability according to CRIF: commitment to the ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customers, their people, the community, and the environment.

FEBIS reaches 150 Members
FEBIS · 17. August 2022
We are happy to welcome our 150th member - with every new member our federation becomes stronger.

Members News · 15. August 2022
The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the new data deliveries we have added in the latest months and what we are adding in future months.

FEBIS welcomes  Atradius Collections B.V. as a new member
Members News · 05. August 2022
Through a presence in 34 countries, Atradius Collections helps companies around the globe recover unpaid trade invoices.

FEBIS welcomes S&P Global as a new member
Members News · 02. August 2022
S&P Global Market Intelligence delivers leading data and technology solutions, partnering with customers to provide them with unrivaled insights to expand their perspectives, operate with confidence, and make decisions with conviction.

Vietnam’s healthcare industry not affected by inflation
Economy · 29. July 2022
Despite inflation and economic recession, the healthcare industry in Vietnam is forecasted to continue to grow steadily in the coming period when the demand for medical examination and treatment, drug prices, and hospital fees all increase sharply while input costs increase at a much slower rate.

Worldbox Business Intelligence Risk Rating - July 2022
Economy · 28. July 2022
Malaysia is experiencing an unprecedented period of political turmoil. In 2018, a multi-ethnic alliance ousted the Barisan Nasional, or National Front coalition, dominated by the Malay-nationalist UMNO party that had ruled the country since independence

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