Vice President


Luis Carmona


Madrid, ES





Current Positions

Vice President of FEBIS, since 2013

International Manager INFORMA, S.A., since 2006



Luis has accumulated a vast experience in the information industry since he joined INFORMA in 1999. Since then, he has held roles in various functions, including company strategy, business international expansion, sales, marketing and Regulatory and Public affairs.


At present, he holds the position of International Manager leading special divisions, business developing teams and Public Affairs. Luis is also involved in numerous partnerships and in the internationalisation of subsidiaries.


As a background education, Luis counts on a five-year Law degree (UAM, Madrid), a Master in Business Management Development (UAN, Madrid), International Trade (CEOE) and Environmental Management and Policy (U. Carlos III, Madrid);  he was awarded with a Comett Scholarship and has published articles on eco taxes.


As an additional step in his education and life experience, Luis spent some time studying abroad while doing a postgraduate course in natural resources Management (North West College, WY).


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