Gertjan Kaart
Creditsafe Nederland B.V.

Den Haag, NL




Current positions

President of FEBIS, since May 2012

Managing Director Creditsafe Nederland, since January 2017

Chief Strategy Officer Creditsafe Group, since January 2017



Gertjan Kaart has nearly 30 years’ experience in the Credit Information industry. During his studies at the University of Amsterdam he started working as a part-time employee for Graydon. Since that time, he has held several senior management and executive positions in the industry.

He has been involved in international business information for 20 years as an active member in industry associations such as Eurogate, Coface CreditAlliance, BIGnet and FEBIS. Currently he works for Creditsafe.



Over the last 4 to 6 years and with the support of many of our (board) members we have gradually turned FEBIS into a more professional organisation that has now a stronger power to support the interests of the members. The number of members has grown substantially too, about 130 members today.

As FEBIS has become more visible and relevant, the challenge is to create a sustainable value to our members that does not solely depend on the efforts of individuals. Also, it is my ambition to further support a platform for members for networking and information exchange. Not just at our lovely FEBIS events, but also by using more online and social channels to get in touch with other members and peer-groups throughout the year that support the business of our members.


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