CRIF and Anonos Join Forces

The collaboration brings together industry leaders committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for data-driven enterprises.


In regulated environments such as finance, the potential for innovation in AI model development is often hindered by data privacy risks and biases inherent in real-world data. Synthetic data generated by AI algorithms offers a solution by creating new data that preserves statistical relationships without revealing identifiable information. Synthetic data has become crucial for the future of AI, given the increasing regulatory emphasis on data privacy and responsible AI, as demonstrated by the EU's AI-Act – a need accelerated by the recent disruptive impact of generative AI. However, the quality of synthetic data often depends on the quality of the model that created it and the dataset developed.


To gain a better understanding of the technology, CRIF opted for an open innovation approach to identify a best-in-class synthetic data technology provider. Following a comprehensive evaluation of 12+ synthetic data tech providers over fourteen months, CRIF chose Anonos as its global partner. CRIF’s customers can access Anonos' Data Embassy technology for privacy-preserving synthetic datasets, unlocking the full potential of their real-world data.


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Source: CRIF News

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