eCheck360: The Pan–European PSD2 (Open Banking Platform) for consumer creditworthiness and Affordability has just arrived!


Infocredit Group in alliance with Finclude are launching an innovative platform which sets high standards for consumer credit.  


Infocredit Group, a leading provider of risk management solutions in partnership with Finclude, the pan-European creditworthiness and affordability score provider have joined forces through the eCheck360 Platform allowing for a common European credit score. The eCheck360 Platform provides creditors and lenders with a holistic view of a retail credit applicant. It verifies financial information and assesses the consumer’s creditworthiness and affordability, using machine learning and adaptive learning models. It allows companies to get a comprehensive 360° view of their client’s creditworthiness, affordability, identity and financial behavior. Also, it allows individuals to assess their current financial health and check whether they can meet their financial obligations. eCheck360 Platform is a secure, fully automated platform, based on client consent.


The solutions offered by eCheck360 platform include:

  • Creditworthiness: Analysis of the client’s creditworthiness and affordability.
  • Income Verification: A 360° view of the client’s income, salary and available funds for knowledgeable decision-making and personalized offerings.
  • Identity Verification: Verify client’s ID, passport, and other travelling/ID documents within seconds.

Theodoros Kringou, CEO of Infocredit Group stated “We are very proud of our new solution, the eCheck360 platform which promises to transform consumer credit on a European Level. The platform, fully aligned with the requirements of GDPR and PSD2, enables financial institutions and other companies to offer the best digital experience to their customers, with products and services that fit their credit profile, and beyond’’


Ioanna Stanegloudi, Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer of Finclude adds “Our cooperation with Infocredit Group demonstrates the pan-European character of our services. Through this partnership, we ensure that all consumers in the target markets will enjoy services now possible via Open Banking”


This strategic partnership is yet another milestone in empowering businesses with innovative and high tech solutions.


If your business is offering any type of consumer credit, then become a partner of eCheck360 and contact us at +357 22398000 or email: info@echeck360.com or visit www.echeck360.com


eCheck360 platform is developed by Infocredit Group and powered by Finclude.




Infocredit Group


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Source: Infocredit Group

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