FEBIS Contribution to the consultation on the draft EU Data Act – Sept 3, 2021


On Sept 3, 2021, FEBIS submitted its comments on the EU consultation on the draft Data Act.


FEBIS comments insists on the need to put in place global coherence in the access to public sector information and data sharing practices, and to carefully assess what could be needed in B2G ( business to government) data sharing.


As regards B2B data sharing, FEBIS outlines that it should be based on voluntary approaches with clear incentives for parties involved and with some alignment with other legislative rules. The paper also insists on the importance of  the sui generis database right and trade secrets protection  for the private sector and on the need to differentiate with public sector databases which should be handled by the Open Data and PSI directive rules. 


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FEBIS comments to the Consultation on the Data Act
FEBIS comments to consultation on Data A
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