The CEO of Limassol based business intelligence company Cedar Rose joins CIBA


Limassol, Cyprus – The Cyprus International Businesses Association has announced the appointment of Antoun Massaad the CEO of global business intelligence company Cedar Rose. He joins an illustrious group of business leaders, both local and international who are actively involved in supporting their members business concerns.


Antoun originally from Lebanon has vast knowledge of the international business landscape with particular expertise in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and is a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops around the world addressing specifically business intelligence and compliance concerns.



CIBA was established on 31 December 1992 as a registered non-profit company by a number of expatriate business executives who had moved their businesses to Cyprus to benefit from the island’s strategic location and competitive tax system.


Funding comes from membership fees and the promotion of members through its website with committee members generously giving their time and expertise on a volunteer basis.


Since its inception, CIBA has gone to great lengths to represent and protect the interests of foreign companies, their international shareholders, administrators, and employees. It has formed close ties with other private sector and semi-governmental organisations such as the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus, the Cyprus Bar Association and the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency.


CIBA’s general secretary Andreas Pishias welcomed the new appointment and said “The Cyprus International Businesses Association welcomes Antoun to the executive committee. We believe that Antoun’s approach to life, life experiences in setting up and running a multi-country and award-winning enterprise and his constant contact with the international business community both in Cyprus and abroad will provide a fresh perspective helping us improve the working conditions for international businesses on the island”.



Cedar Rose International Services Ltd is recognised for its proficiency in delivering expert Business Intelligence advice, company credit reports, and due diligence research to the EU market throughout 2018. Established in the UK in 1997, the company relocated its headquarters to the beautiful island of Cyprus in 2007. The name “Cedar Rose” comes from the national emblems of Lebanon and England, the countries where founders Antoun Massaad and Christina Massaad were born. 


Besides credit reports and due diligence investigations, the company also offers electronic identity verification and customer onboarding solutions to clients all around the world. Their services enable their customers to trade securely, to export and extend credit with confidence and to onboard customers without enabling fraud, money laundering or the financing of terrorism.


Cedar Rose’s customers include Tier 1 banks, Big 4 Auditors, export insurance agencies, governments and private companies. The company has been a National Winner for Cyprus twice in the European Business Awards and recently won the Commercial Credit Information Provider of the Year and the CCR Credit Excellence Award for Export in the UK. 


Source: Cedar Rose

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