Infocredit Group: Winner in the Business Ethos Awards 2020


 The Business Ethos Awards 2020 were hosted for the 4th consecutive year by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) in

collaboration with the Cyprus Integrity Forum. The modest ceremony took place today, Friday, March 12th 2021, in accordance with the guidelines for proper hygiene and social distancing, at the premises of CCCI.


The awards aim to encourage, recognise and reward public organisations and businesses in Cyprus that continue to contribute to the fight against corruption, enhancing transparency and accountability through their operations. This effort promotes the positive contribution of a company/organisation to society, its social and moral commitment to corruption and its principles and values for transparency, as transmitted to employees, management, customers, suppliers and shareholders of the company.


The evaluation was carried out by a five-member Evaluation Committee, which consisted of:


  1. Odysseus Michaelides (Auditor-General of the Republic of Cyprus) 
  2. Marios Tsiakkis (Secretary-General of CCCI)
  3. Marios Skandalis (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cyprus Integrity Forum)
  4. Ierotheos Papadopoulos (Head of the European Commission Delegation in Cyprus)
  5. Philippa Foster Back (Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, UK)


Infocredit Group won the Business Ethos Award in the category "Private Companies with more than 50 employees". Infocredit Group's honorary distinction is an important recognition of the company's practices over the years to combat corruption.    


As the CEO of the company, Mr Theodoros Kringou stated, ‘it is always an honour to receive an award. An even greater honour is the fact that the prize is about 'ethics' and 'transparency'. Two concepts that represent me personally as well as the executives of Infocredit Group.’ Mr Kringou also stressed that Infocredit Group will continue to offer quality solutions and tools to help businesses and organisations strengthen their internal processes for transparency and accountability.


The sponsor of the Business Ethos Awards was PwC.



For more information about Infocredit Group, visit www.infocreditgroup.com, tel: +357 22 398000, email: info@infocreditgroup.com



Source: Inforedit Group



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