FEBIS Regulatory Committee - Major EU issues for FEBIS in 2021


FEBIS Regulatory Committee holds meetings every two weeks. The first virtual meeting of 2021 took place on January 11 and outlined the major issues flagged out for FEBIS in EU & Regulatory topics for first half of 2021.


After a short recess for Christmas and New Year’s break, the EU is more than ever back on track with a number of important issues coming in or being planned for the first half of 2021. Though the pandemic is still high on the agenda, the EU is also putting a clear focus on issues relating to data policies, digital services, access to finance and public sector information.

FEBIS Regulatory Committee prepared a Roadmap on the most important issues they have flagged out for the first six months in 2021, it will be a dynamic document to which all members of the FEBIS Regulatory Committee can contribute.


Among the key items identified for the coming weeks are:

  • the forthcoming Implementing Act on High-Value Datasets for Company and Company Ownership Information, which builds upon the PSI 3 & Open Data Directive and is set to be proposed by the European Commission in Q1 2021
  • the Impact Assessment of the European Commission on a proposal to put in place a European Single Access Point for financial and non-financial information publicly disclosed by companies
  • the EU proposal on Data Governance Act, which aims at putting in place better data sharing and EU Data Spaces
  • the EU directive on credit services and credit buyers which will be voted in the European Parliament soon
  • the European Data Protection Board strategy 2021-2024, and more particularly its recommendations on supplementary measures to take account of the Schrems II judgment about transfers of data with non EU countries: this is an important issue for all FEBIS members and FEBIS Regulatory Committee will work on providing a position paper
  • and many more, including national developments regarding access to company information and other relevant items for business information providers.

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the FEBIS Regulatory Committee, please contact us and we will put you in the loop for forthcoming meetings and distribution list.


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