Cristal Credit International News March 2020

By Jeff JARD and Ugo NAVARRA

What are the long term economic and technological changes involved in working from home?


Philly offices may never be the same again as the coronavirus pandemic boosts technology disruption?

As the business disruption persists, there’s a growing sense that when the pandemic ends, some changes could endure. Policies and technology used out of necessity now could become permanent later, if businesses and consumers find they’re convenient, efficient, and productive.

MARCH 22, 2020


Will the coronavirus change the way we work from home?

The future probably holds the best of both worlds "The solution will be to work from the right place at the right moment," Tristan Horx told me on Skype. He says different environments favor different kinds of work – and employees will be more and more inclined to look for that. That means workers could tackle individual tasks that require a lot of focus from home in the future, and go into the office when they need to work on projects together.

MARCH 20, 2020



Coronavirus (and 5G) will boost telecommuting, change our tech future

One of the things Qualcomm demonstrated recently with 5G and the latest Lenovo/Microsoft “Always Connected PC” device – the Yoga 5G – is that portable workstation-class performance is achievable. And with 5G, you get latency and performance capabilities that potentially exceed what’s now available in the office with a hard-wired network connection.


FEBRUARY 28, 2020






Working From Home Can Be Productive And Fun With The Right Technology

With Coronavirus and Covid-19 now a global reality, we’re all going to have to dramatically change the way we work and how we manage a team of colleagues who are working remotely. The upside to these dark times is there’s never been a better time to work remotely as there are now so many hardware and software solutions available for dispersed teams.

MARCH 18, 2020

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