Communication on events

Dear Members,


We all are, in one way or another, going through a situation without precedent in our lives.

Coronavirus is making us adapt to exceptional measures, it is showing us our vulnerability as society and as humans, but it is also showing us in both ways that we can be solidary and responsible. We have understood that it is the time to stay at home, look after the most vulnerable and we could say, in general, we are doing it quite well.


At FEBIS, like everywhere else, we are aware of all the effects of this pandemia. As you know, even before most countries lock-down, we already decided to cancel our Spring meeting scheduled for April 23-25 in Turin as your safety, everyone´s safety, became our priority.


We trust that measures being implemented in each country will soon show a positive effect and we will start unfreezing our lives and plans. However, for the moment it is still uncertain to make plans and that is why our General Assembly - September meeting preparations had also to come to a halt.

There is nothing we wish more than to gather with you all, healthy and recovered from this period. That is why we can reassure you that, as soon as it is possible, we will resume the plans for September with an extra dose of enthusiasm and emotion and inform you on the destination.


Last but most important, we would like to send special word of support to those being closely touched by this virus and an enormous thank you to all the professionals that struggle to guarantee our well being despite of the risks.


In the meantime, do not hesitate to get in touch with any news you want to share with us or in case we can support you in any way!

Keep safe. Keep positive. Together we can.


With our kindest regards,

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