Cristal Credit International Newsletter February 2020

Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Derail The Global Economy?


By Jeff JARD and Ugo NAVARRA

" Cristal Credit International convey its very best wishes to all its Chinese partners and customers, and hope that you will overcome this predicament very soon.
With kindest regards "

Will the coronavirus outbreak derail the global economy?


Will the Coronavirus Cause a Recession?

Hard as it is to envision, the world’s second-largest economy is coming to a near standstill. Infections and fatalities are mounting. Many of my acquaintances and friends in China tell me they are increasingly concerned about the government’s ability to control the epidemic and its economic fallout.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2020


Commentary: How much damage will COVID-19 inflict on China’s economy?

In any case, as both a theoretical and empirical matter, epidemics can cause only short-term economic slowdowns. Having said that, external shocks will not significantly alter the Chinese economy’s medium- and long-term growth trend.

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FEBRUARY 15, 2020


Coronavirus: China urged to delay purchase elements of US trade deal as outbreak rocks economy

Beijing should request a delay in the purchase agreement element of its phase one trade deal with the United States, senior Chinese economists have said, due to the strain on its economy caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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FEBRUARY 17, 2020


Europe's stagnant economy is vulnerable to a shock from China

Recession fears are stalking Europe again after Germany's economy flatlined at the end of 2019. The coronavirus now threatens to slam exports to China.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2020

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