As a member of FEBIS you will enjoy a number of benefits:

1. Networking and Expertise: Spring and September meetings

Access to members from all over the world that work in the business information industry.  Share the latest information, ideas, trends, and business opportunities. Membership is a convenient, and cost effective way of connecting with new business partners.

 2. Lobbying activities: Helping to shape and influence policies and Legislation

FEBIS is actively lobbying, trying to influence policies and help shape legislation which could affect the business information industry going forward. As a member you will be kept informed of these developments and  have the opportunity to contribute to this work, helping to shape a better future for us all.

3. Communication: Events, presentations, website, documents, newsletters
  • ) Events – Two member meetings per year
  • ) Presentations – from industry experts and your peers
  • ) FEBIS Website – announce your own developments and initiatives

FEBIS Newletters – be kept up to date with developments within the industry

4. Codes of Conduct:

Members of FEBIS are subject to the FEBIS Code of Conduct and members are allowed to use the FEBIS logo in their own communications.


According to the FEBIS Statutes, a company applying for membership to FEBIS must comply with the following conditions:

  • ) Have a sound financial position.
  • ) Have Management of good repute.
  • ) Agree to accept the Statutes of FEBIS and all resolutions passed by FEBIS.
  • ) Obligations to be registered.
  • ) The company must have been activ(trading) for more than 2 years – the registration must date back at least 2 years.
  • ) Activity of national coverage in the country concerned.
  • ) FEBIS members are not bound to any specific branch or branches of industry or business nor are we merely engaged in buying and selling reports.


The enclosed application form has to be filled in by the applicant and then sent to the FEBIS secretariat, together with the relevant financial information as requested with in the application form.